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all jokes aside…. i honestly feel like zayn should be a little more alive… like fine don’t go to the wedding but are you really that deep in pierre’s vag that you can’t tweet a 140 letter msg


zaytanmaliks replied to your post: anonymous said:Zayn make zayn sta…

like what??

like not tweeting…like its the small things that matter…like I know a lot people don’t think its a big deal but it is tbh like four years..come on zayn just like say thanks 

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● Gotta Be You ● You & I ● Same Mistakes ● Summer Love ● Over Again ● Half A Heart ● Back For You ● Kiss You ● What Makes You Beautiful ● Don’t Forget Where You Belong ● Another World ● Up All Night ● One Way Or Another ● I Would ● Moments ● Better Than Words ● Live While We’re Young ● Forever Young ● I Should’ve Kissed You ● C’mon C’mon ● Best Song Ever ● Little Things ● Little White Lies ● Tell Me A Lie ● Last First Kiss ● Everything About You ● Heart Attack ● Irresistible ● Through The Dark ● Strong ● One Thing ● Why Don’t We Go There? ● I Want ● Rock Me ● Na Na Na ● Right Now ● I Wish ● Story Of My Life ● Change My Mind ● More Than This ● Save You Tonight ● Nobody Compares ● Little Black Dress ● Alive ● Still The One ● Diana ● Stand Up ● Stole My Heart ● Truly Madly Deeply ● Magic ● They Don’t Know About Us ● Loved You First ● Happily ● She’s Not Afraid ● Something Great ● Does He Know? ● Taken ● Midnight Memories.

Four Years of One Direction


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Happy 4 years! 


when you suddenly realize you’ve dedicated your whole life to one direction


I love all 5 of them equally!
everyone being a fucking liar in 2011 (via beyourboys)